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Fat Burning Protein + Best Chocolate Flavor

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  • Protein That Burns Fat
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • No Gritty Taste
  • No Bloating
  • Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Shake, Bake or Sprinkle
  • Best Tasting Or Your Money Back
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Protein Wall of Fame

I know I wouldn't have been able to cut this much fat without this amazing protein and this community! Thank you

IT’S MY ONE YEAR FITVERSARY!!! A year ago today, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I took my very first “before” picture. I had been in the Bootybands members group for a couple months and I was finally inspired to change. I’m so glad I did 💞😭 Seeing this transformation is so overwhelming for me because I’d been hiding behind my self-limiting beliefs for my entire life...

My heaviest point, a size 18/20, 200 lbs & 40” waist. Today I am now a size 6, 130 lbs & 26” waist!!!! Love my Booty Bands!


Our highest quality formulation for our protein is designed to fuel your lean muscle, which speeds your metabolism and this is what burns fat faster.


As we age, we lose 3-8% muscle mass every decade. This directly causes the effects of fat gain and a slower metabolism. Did you know that your lean muscle is what burns your fat? Protein builds your lean muscle, then speeds your metabolism, and burns fat faster.


Your body is unable to make all of the amino acids from proteins on its own. Most proteins don’t have ALL amino acids, and most taste bad… NOT Ours! Our is the BEST tasting or your money back. We believe in providing so much value in our members lives. Check out everything that we have to offer for you compared to the other top proteins out there.


This protein has the highest quality sourced ingredients. Our protein is sourced from almonds, pea, and rice.
❤️ Non-GMO
❤️ No extra fillers
❤️ No soy
❤️ Gluten free
❤️ 15g of a complete protein
❤️ 1g of sugar
❤️ 4g of carbs
❤️ Made with organic ingredients

Our Promise

We spent an extra year on perfecting the taste and quality of this protein. Big food and bigger protein companies have created a lot of these chemicals that make us addicted to their products. Product labels are lying, they’re finding ways to cut costs, and cut real ingredients from protein creates results. Not us!

We believe in real quality ingredients without added chemicals, products without toxins, and labels without lies. It's our health, it's our safety, it's our life. We promise that this is the highest quality and best tasting or your money back!

-Danita Young Owner / Co-Founder

3 WAYS TO Enjoy

You can shake, bake, or sprinkle your protein. Make a quick shake with your favorite drink. Bake it in goods to make healthy tasty cookies, brownies and more. You can sprinkle it in meals like oatmeal and even your coffee.

Your Purchase Supports...


You are supporting a female owned company. Your purchase also helps create jobs for female coaches who are here to help other women get to their best mind, body, and life. We have consciously shifted to improve our local economies by hiring people and providing jobs in the US. Because of this shift, we have sacrificed profits for our business to help be apart of the solution for the US economy. You are supporting small businesses, jobs in the US and US manufacturers! Thank you!

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