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Premium Bundle - Levels 1 - 3 PLUS BootyFit Leggings



Booty Bands® is a patented physical Booty Band. What makes Booty Bands® so unique and effective is it offers the perfect resistance strength that was created with Danita’s specific booty workout routines. We designed the fabric so that it won’t tear or bruise your skin. Booty Bands® are a more durable, sturdy, and comfortable band to use while you perform your workout routines. Booty Bands® help target all 3 parts of your booty, as well as target other leg muscles, core muscles and more.

Booty Bands will help get you in the best shape ever and feel great too. There are unlimited advantages to strengthening your hips, glutes, knees, and core! Such as better form in the gym, lightweight resistance for travel or at-home workouts, less back pain and hip pain, and a better physique! Booty Bands® are a GREAT solution to bubbling your booty and shrinking your waist.


Know Your Booty Bands:

👍🏻 The Purple Booty Band® - This is our Level 1 band that is great for beginners and for ankle or over the knee exercises. The Booty Band Groups and I use all three of the Booty Bands resistance.

👍🏻 The Teal Booty Band® - This is our Level 2 band and it is great for those that want more of a challenge during the Booty workouts that are provided but is not overly challenging for anyone. In some of the exercises, you can increase the resistance by using this Teal Booty Band as a great way to start advancing your Booty Gains to the next Level.

👍🏻 The Pink Booty Band® - This is our TOP seller! This is our Level 3 band and it is great for keeping your knees in place during squats, leg press, or hamstring curls. This can be done with or without weights. What's great about the Pink strength is that it will strengthen your squat workouts and protect your knees and hips from turning inward. This helps prevents injuries and corrects your form. The Pink Booty Band secures your form the most out of all of the bands so that you can feel more confident in your range of motion. The Pink Booty Band is also great for kickbacks and walking squats.

Use all 3 Booty Bands resistance strengths during your workout routines and it will surely increase your strength and get you faster booty gain results.  


BootyFit  Mermaid Leggings in Lilac or Grey

Finally! The cute leggings that actually smooth, lift and shape your bottom half with comfort and confidence boosting power. You can’t ask for anything better to help begin your NEW booty transformation in these CUTE BootyFit Mermaid curve leggings.

Get motivated to workout by upgrading your gym outfit! The right pair of workout pants has the power to accentuate your curves and boost your confidence! WE LOVE THESE PERFECT FIT, SCRUNCH BOOTY, EXCELLENT QUALITY LEGGINGS!

We, at Booty Bands®, love this pair of leggings and we're sure that this will be your new favorite leggings just like it has become ours. It has been proven that when a woman wears athletic clothing that she feels confident in, she is more likely to go to the gym and have a successful workout. Good quality is a must when you see yourself in all of those gym mirrors. So these Cute BootyFit Mermaid Leggings will smooth, lift, and shape your bottom half, giving you the right amount of confidence. Made of 87% Spandex and 13% Polyester, strategically placed seams, and shaping effects; these are the perfect fit!!!  All of our leggings have accentuating curve stitching.


What You Get:

  • Strong, Patented Level 1, 2, and 3 Booty Bands® 
  • Your choice of Lilac or Grey BootyFit Leggings


Leggings Size Measurements

0 - 4 6 - 8 10 - 12 18 - 20


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