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LIMITED TIME: Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Booty Bands - Level 1

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Booty Bands has created a Limited Time, Level 1 Pink Booty Bands and is donating 5% of all sales to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  We share the same Core values, which is to support and strengthen women, create healthier sustained lives with a supportive uplifting community and services. 

Your Support Matters. Give and change women at Every Stage of their Journey a chance.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer provides programs and services to help people whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. Our goal is to provide information, community, and support that you can trust is easy for you to access and respectful of you and your situation. All our resources are carefully and frequently reviewed by some of the country’s leading healthcare experts and informed by people living with breast cancer. 

Living Beyond Breast Cancer works with the world’s top medical experts to continuously survey the changing landscape of breast cancer treatment and care. The information learned from this interaction informs new and existing resources to help people navigate the course of their disease.

LBBC offers true leadership in the areas that can create a massive impact to help lives and that is what Booty Bands is all about.

Booty Bands core purpose is to create healthy transformations starting with Self-love first, starting from the inside-out, because that's where true transformation comes from. We show you that you can step into your most powerful self, with MORE self-love starting with simple progressive steps to create a more evolved self-loving person. We do this through our community leaders, workouts, content, mental and self-love videos that help you become the healthiest and most strong woman that you already are. We listen to your story and where you are starting from, hear what your goals are, and help you step into your most powerful self to accomplish them.

Booty Bands are a simple, but effective tool to help you get there. Having a firm, lifted, round booty helps create more confidence, feel and look sexier, and create healthier habits. The patented Booty Band creates the resistance that you need to activate all 3 areas of your glutes. There are booty burning workouts that are addicting that you only have to do for 15 minutes a day. We provide nutrition programs and diets that will help create transformation results even faster. 


 What makes Booty Bands® so unique and effective is it offers the perfect resistance strength that was created with Danita’s specific booty workout routines. We designed the fabric so that it won’t tear or bruise your skin. Booty Bands® are a more durable, sturdy, and comfortable band to use while you perform your workout routines. Booty Bands® and the booty workout routines target all 3 parts of your booty, as well as target other leg muscles, core muscles and more. 

The workout routines will get you in the best shape ever and help you feel great too. There are unlimited advantages to strengthening your hips, glutes, knees, and core! Such as better form in the gym, lightweight resistance for travel or at-home workouts, less back pain and hip pain, and a better physique! Booty Bands® are a GREAT solution to bubbling your booty and shrinking your waist.

What You Get:

✔️Strong, Patented LIMITED TIME Level 1 Pink Booty Band

✔️FREE 10 World's Best Booty Workouts

✔️BONUS Small Waist Diet Plan

✔️Access to Private Facebook Community

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