Level 4 Pearl Booty Bands® + 10-Day Booty Bands with Weights Workout Video Series

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What do you get?

  • Strong, patented Level 4 Pearl Booty Band

  • Lifetime Access to the Member's Workout Videos Lessons 11-20


Community Value

Booty Bands is a program dedicated to help you become the woman that you are. We aim to bring together 1000’s of women in a private community where we help to motivate each other and show support for each other’s feminine curves.

Why Booty Bands?

Making change is no easy task especially the physical changes that require us to come out of our comfort zone. Booty Bands is a program dedicated to make that happen for you as we bring together your mind, body and soul - working in synergy to get you the booty that you’ve always wanted.

Compared to the Level 3 Booty Band, our newly produced Level 4 Pearl Booty Band is characterized with much harder resistance. It is designed to help you progress faster in your fitness journey.


The Level 4 Booty Band comes with a 10-day Booty Band With Weights workout video series that are more challenging. Each workout involves weights and is definitely for those who are more advanced but you can always modify them based on your level.


The Booty Bands With Weights workouts are a continuation of the 10-day Bubble Your Booty Shrink Your Waist Program you receive by purchasing the Level 1 Booty Band.


Get your Level 4 Pearl Booty Band now to get faster results!

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Returns Information:

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.